CE2 Connector List

Below are the pin-outs of the most important fuse block connectors in the CE2 harness.  Use this page to if you want to wire up an ABA to your existing Mk1 fusebox and harness.

Connector F (White)
F/1red/blkStarter (Must Jumper Past Alarm)
F/2NANot Used
F/3BlueAlternator Field
F/5NANot Used
F/6blk/redReverse Light Switch
F/7blk/bluReverse Light Switch
F/8NANot Used

Connector G1 (White)
G1/1NANot Used
G1/3yel/bluFuel Pump Relay Signal
G1/4blackCoil Power
G1/5brn/whtInstrument Cluster Ground (U2/13)
G1/6brownGround for Heated Washers
G1/7blk/brnECU Ground
G1/8red/yelO2 Sensor Heater powered by Fuel Relay
G1/9yel/blkEngine Check Light
G1/10red/bluEFI/ECU Power from Power Relay
G1/11wht/bluVSS Signal
G1/12grn/blkNegative Coil/Tach Signal

Connector G2 (White)
G2/1NANot Used
G2/2NANot Used
G2/3blu/whtCoolant Temp Sensor Signal
G2/4NANot Used
G2/5NANot Used
G2/6NANot Used
G2/7NANot Used
G2/8NANot Used
G2/9NANot Used
G2/10yellowOil Pressure Signal (1.8bar)
G2/11blu/blkOil Pressure Signal (.3bar)
G2/12NANot Used

Connector K (Black)
K/1blk/whtLeft Turn Signal
K/2gry/redRight Tail Light
K/3gry/blkLeft Tail Light
K/4blk/redBrake Light (Both Sides)
K/5gry/grnLiscense Plate Light
K/6NANot Used
K/7blk/grnRight Turn Signal
K/8blk/bluReverse Light (Both Sides)
K/9NANot Used
K/10NANot Used
K/12blkRear Defrost

Connector L (Black)
L/1brnParking Brake Switch Ground
L/3NANot Used
L/5red/whtTrunk Dome Light
L/7red/blkInterior Power (Always Hot)
L/8NANot Used

Connector M (Black)
M/1brnGround (For Fuel Pump and Tank)
M/2red/yelFuel Pump Power
M/3ppl/blkFuel Level Sensor
M/4NANot Used
M/6NANot Used
*All pin-outs are taken from a '94 Jetta GLS

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